Public relations in the business world is all about helping the company's bottom line. However, many industry leaders confuse public relations with advertising and conventional press agentry or publicity.

Strategic Public Relations

Having a method for anticipating and solving problems is key to any company's success. Therefore public relations professionals have developed a process for just that. This process is called R.O.P.E.S.


R.O.P.E.S. is an acronym which stands for research, objectives, programming, evaluation and stewardship.

Research includes digging up information on your company, a problem or potential problem that your company is facing and the audiences or publics it involves.

The second step of the public relations process is the setting of objectives for a program or campaign to solve the problem.

Planning and carrying out a program to accomplish the objectives set forth is the next phase.

Evaluation means you must monitor the campaign carefully and look back after it is finished to determine its success or failure.

Finally, stewardship includes keeping open communication with contacts that were helpful in your campaign.


Doing public relations in the corporate world can be tough. The competition is stiff, so how a public relations professional carries out certain functions of a campaign can affect all of those involved with the business. In the business world one can never rest.

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