Afghan Girls Make Up For The Lost Years

During the Taliban five year rule in Kabul, young girls were forbited to go to school. Kabul Universities were closed but today have re-opened. Many girls and boys are running to the decrepit rooms eager to learn despite their poverty. Teachers are working without pay and overcoming the long years of torture. Unfortunately, not all girls will be returning. Most young girls who were in high-school are now married with children.

The schools are in such bad shape that it is almost imposible to imagine any learning is possible. Very few rooms have electricity and heat. Bathrooms are filthy and most of the times they don't operate.

Poverty makes everything worse because they don't have the material to study. Many share the same outdated text-book. Very few girls have pen and paper to take notes. At times teachers find the girls fighting for a pencil. Only a few remember what the teacher lectures.

It is really a miracle girls are still eager to learn after the years lost. That speaks a lot for Afghan woman. They are brave, smart, and strong.

Today, boys and girls will be taught seperately and science classes will resume while religious subjects will be reduced.