Young Minds They walked worried through the streets practically unnoticed, afraid of being stoned or executed. No sunlight came into their homes for their windows had been painted. The Taliban regime, a radical Islamic movement took over Kabul on September 1996.

Taliban, kept Afghan women in pure darkness for five years. Women were not allowed to leave their homes without being accompanied by a relative. They were covered by a burqua from head to toe. The Taliban watched them closely and persistently beat them if they were not dressed correctly. Women were not allowed to go to school or receive the basic necessities of life.

Although women were the most affected by the Taliban, men were also forced to follow their rules. Men had to grow their beards at a specific length and were given a limited amount of time to do so. If not they were also beaten. All the limitations women faced were so they would not excite men.

Organizations and the use of Public Relations

Identifying the most effective message and reaching out the right audience can be complicated. Luck at times may play a role to success but these organizations through strategic planning, campaigns and research are out to help Afghan women and girls.

The Feminist Majority Foundation

Campaign Objectives
  • To restore the rights of Afghan women and children
  • Increase humanitarian aid
  • Ensure that Afghan women play a leadership role in rebuilding the country

    The Afghan Women's Mission

    The Afghan Women's Mission is a group who are out to help Afghan women and children. Their organization has conducted dozens of fundraisers across America and internationally. Their objectives fall under three categories

  • Health care: free hospitals for children of refugees
  • Education: support schools
  • Awareness: conduct campaigns to increase public awareness

    The Afghan Women's Council

  • The Afghan Women's Council (AWC) aims to provide education and health facilities to Afghan children.
  • Composed of Afghan women.

    Through adequate planning these organizations and others can make a difference in the lives of millions Afghan women and children.

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