This site is dedicated to the thousands of Devadasis (the name signifies servant of god) who have been forced into prostitution in the name of religion in India. The Devadasis are dedicated to gods and then the priests claim first rights to them, and later on everyone else. They are courtesans in god's court. A Devadasi cannot belong to any one particular husband (generally the Indian ideas of marriage are that daughters are transferable property gifted to husbands), instead she is a common property!

In other words, the Devadasi system is a "system of votive offering of girls to the deities in Brahmanic temples."

This site seeks to provide a comprehensive summary of the Devadasi system and its effect on the Indian society. It aims to make everyone aware of an age old tradition that has kept destitute and hapless women shackled for a very long duration of time.

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