Although the journey so far towards eliminating the devadasi system has been bumpy and difficult, hope still floats. There are numerous NGOs which are continuing the fight againt this disgraceful system. They have been working towards increasing the awareness of the ignorant devadsis regarding HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. A case for instance is the PLAN/MYRADA. The project sponsored periodic health camps for the devadasis.The project claims,"More than 250 members of the devadasi groups received health cards that enabled them, their partners and their partners' spouses to seek treatment for STDs and other reproductive tract infections."

"The devadasi community also continues to reap the benefits of both the prevention project and MYRADA's long-term economic empowerment program. Many have been able to leave sex work for new careers as weavers, basket makers or vegetable vendors. Some have married their former boyfriends, or are limiting their sex work to one or two steady customers."

In retaliation to the initiation of devadasis, a new and progressive process of deinitiaion has been introduced, as a result of which many women can finally liberate themselves. "It's a simple ritual, but one with great psychological power. At its conclusion the women smile and laugh joyfully, their spirits freed of the chains they once feared would imprison them forever."

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