The 1960's
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Mattel was trying to portray a positive image through Barbie. During Barbie’s early Vintage Barbies. Included in this picture are Number six, four, and five. years, she wore sophisticated dresses and presented positive images to the American people. Barbie was a success from the moment she was “conceived.” One year after her debut, she was already made into dolls number three and four. In 1961, she is America’s best seller!

Barbie represented an independent woman who could be it all without the support of a male. The mentality of the era wasn’t like today’s. Due to consumer pressure, Mattel gave Barbie a boyfriend. Ken entered the scene in 1961. This Ken is nothing like today’s Ken. He came with a full set of hair. A few years later he was given a new head, similar to the one that can be found in stores today. Friends and family also entered Barbie’s life at this point: Midge-her best friend, Skipper-sister, Tutti and Todd-twin siblings, and Francie-her cousin.

Fashion of the 60s circled around First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, who many people looked up to—even Barbie! Barbie soon had the bubble look hair cut. She also went as far as changing her hair color to red and other shades. As the years progressed, Barbie became a little loose as she was given a twisting torso (Twist ‘N Turn Barbie). Toward the end of the century Barbie speaks-"I love being a fashion model."