Barbie is not just a plastic doll. She’s a public figure and icon of America's change through fashion. I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like growing up without Barbie. The only time I played with baby-like dolls was when I took on the role of teacher and they were my students (this didn’t happen often). Barbie was my all time favorite toy—and still is. I spent much of my childhood playing with these adult-like dolls, which I would assign roles to like a director would in a movie. I use to come up with the weirdest most interesting plots anyone kid can possibly imagine. Playing with Barbie dolls was like putting together a soap opera. I decided who would be a family, what they said to each other, and set the plot with some conflict. In a sense, playing with these dolls allowed for my creativity to develop at a young age. I usually came up with a storyline beforehand, and if my session with Barbie was cut short I would pick up on at the same spot the next day. I miss playing with Barbie!

My Barbie collection exceeded 60 dolls, some of which have been a little costly ($250!). I know Barbie Collectors Editions are overpriced, but I’m obsessed with them! If you ever want to get me something I’ll really like—get me a BARBIE. Hopefully you’ll take note of which ones I have so you don’t repeat my collection (like my friend once did).

Hope you enjoyed my BARBIE site!

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