The information in this site was gathered in various sites. All of these are useful for finding information on BARBIE.

PBS-A Doll For All-this site deals with racial issues and Barbie. The article mentions how older women of ethnic background buy Barbie today because during their childhood Barbie was exclusively white.

Barbie's Inventor-this article provides a short history of how Barbie came about, and you can also find inforamtion on Ruth Handler (BARBIE'S creator)

Toy History-Ever wounder how your favorite toy got started? This site might have the answer.

Barbie's very own Website-this was Barbie's first web site in 1996. It eventually created another one to provide different level of sophistication to its users. This site is fun for children and great for shopping.

Adios Barbie-translation of this site's name: Goodbye Barbie. This site is directed at heavy people. Most articles cover self image.

Barbie's Story-this is Barbie's OTHER site. Most of my information came from here. There's plenty of great photos, timelimes, stories...Most of what you're looking for will be here.

Barbie: The Image of Us All-I thought I'd be the only one doing a project on a toy, but I was wrong. This girl beat me to it and her information is very good. Highly suggested.

The Human Barbie-no onw has be impacted more by Barbie than Cindy Jackson. She put herself through 20 operations so that she might look lie Barbie. This is her personal site telling her transformation and it has plenty of information on plastic surgery if you're interested.

Tosa, Marco. Barbie: Four Decades of Fashion, Fantasy, and Fun. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 1998