Barbie Today

After 43 years in the market, Barbie still gives consumers much to talk about. These are a collection of quotes I found in news articles and in sites I visited.

"Barbie is the single most successful toy product in toy history. Over 172,800 Barbie dolls are sold every day. That's two every second! Since 1959, more than 1 billion dolls (and family members) have been sold in more than 140 countries around the world."

"Christmas 2001, ABC reported Barbie as one of the hot sellers." (not surprising!)

“Mattel earned $1.7 billion in sales of Barbie dolls last year. The typical American girl between the ages of 3 and 11 now owns an average of 10 Barbie dolls…”

“[Barbie attributes to] 38 percent of her parent company's sales.”

Money, rich, and fame came to Barbie almost over night. Since the 1990s Mattel has extended her products to include virtually anything. From pink accessories to a pink computer with special Barbie programs…She’s everywhere! As always, her fashion is dynamic. And as for her love life, Ken and Barbie will forever keep their relationship at the boyfriend/girlfriend level.