Published on
April 18, 2002

Analysis of Online Media



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In 1982, using satellite transmission and color presses, the Gannett chain established a new national newspaper, USA Today, published and circulated throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Now, 20 years later, USA Today is the second largest daily newspaper in the United states with a circulation of 1,692,666, including more than 160 college campuses in 1999.

Breaking news remains the biggest driver of traffic on Nearly 15 million different people per month click on the site by the end of 1999, a 79 percent increase over 1998. Revenues were up 89 percent, making the site one of the few media money-makers on the Web. Also, technological advances in 1999 allowed production of USA Today to be totally digital.

In 2000 the first significant redesign in USA Today's history occurred, moving the paper from a 54-inch to a 50-inch web width. And will work with Gannett Broadcasting to bring USA Today content to Gannett TV station newscasts.

Total Readers: 9.2 million
Male: 60%
Female: 40%

Mean Age: 42
Age 18-24: 30%
Age 35-54: 52%
Age 25-54: 73%

Attended college: 87%
Graduated college: 63%
Professional/Managerial: 38%
Married 71%

On the Web every day: 57%
On the Web 5 times a week: 78%