Published on
April 18, 2002

Analysis of Online Media

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Henry J. Raymond founded the New York Times in 1851. When Adolph S. Ochs (1858-1935) became publisher in 1896, the Times was failing, but Ochs managed to turn into one of the greatest newspapers in the world, stressing nonpartisan news reporting. Ochs was also involved in the executive committee of the Associated Press from 1900 until his death. The Times achieved worldwide coverage and circulation, which it has retained. The rotary press, a huge automated roll-fed printing press, made high production rates possible to increase circulation. Newspaper circulation increased to keep up with growing population.

Active Readers: 10 Million
New Members: 514,017
Unique Visitors: 6,178,000
Page Views: 265,466,928

Male: 55%
Female: 45%

Median Age: 44.4
Graduated College: 74%
Professional/Managerial: 42%
Avg. HHI: $72,631

Total audience for the weekday newspaper: 3 million
Total audience for the Sunday newspaper: 3.9 million
Total audience for the Website: 6,178,000/month Blah Blah