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When words divide

hen leftist-turned-conservative David Horowitz began sending a controversial advertisement to student-run publications at college campuses across America in February of 2001, it posed a difficult ethical dilemma for the students who were faced with the decision of whether to run it in their newspapers.

Although this story is probably far from finished, this site is designed to explore the different decisions reached by different staffs concerning the ad so far.

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Schools erupt in protest
Take a look at the confusion, protests and thought-provoking discussion taking place on the campuses confronted with the ad. Also, a breakdown of how the 69 schools dealt with the ad.
Learn more about David Horowitz, the man behind the campus controversy.
		of ad
Get a look at Horowitz's advertisement arguing against "slavery reparations," much like it appeared in the handful of papers that ran it.

The legal issues

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Just what rights do student newspapers have when deciding to run or reject ads? The answer: It depends on who you talk to and where you go to school. Get the legal opinion from the SPLC and a host of precedents.

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