The 1919 World Series: Baseball's Biggest Scandal

In the early 1900's, the game of baseball was very different from its modern day counterpart. Player's salaries didn't make headlines in the Sports page every week, free agency was a term most franchise owners had never heard, and no African-American had ever stepped foot on a Major League field. America's Pastime was in its infancy and players were content with making a living playing a game they loved.

All of these things were true until one event stained the history of baseball forever. In the year 1919, organized crime infiltrated Major League Baseball. Players and others affiliated with the Chicago White Sox organization were bribed to throw the World Series against Cincinnati. It has been argued over the years since the scandal that some of the players who were approached and offered money did not accept it and made no attempt to lose intentionally. Despite this, all the players who were associated in any way with the incident were banned from baseball, their statistics stricken from the record books.

The purpose of this site is to take an objective look into the facts, rumors and falsehoods that surround this infamous event. There is much speculation as to who is right or wrong, innocent or guilty in this matter. Regardless, this scandal has certainly contributed to the evolution of the sport over the years. As a baseball fan, it is important to understand the history of the game in order to understand its future.

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