I was recently diagnosed with Endometriosis. Although I had heard of the disease, I was completely unaware of how pernicious and how pervasive Endometriosis really is. As I began to look into the condition, I was soon discouraged by how difficult it was to garner information. Finding comprehensive and trustworthy resources proved to be a real challenge.
Several of my web searches led to graphic surgical pictures accompanied by incomprehensible medical jargon. Much of the information out there is either not written for the laywoman or is part of a commercial website with the intent of recommending surgical procedures. But good information is out there, you just have to keep at it.This project presents some basic medical facts about Endometriosis, with links to the best of the web resources which I found during my research. If you have been diagnosed with Endometriosis, I sadly welcome you to the sisterhood, and hope that you will find some peace of mind through the information provided on these pages.

Created by Amy L. Wellman
Last Updated April 19, 2001