By definition, public relations (PR) is observed as the position of managing internal and external publics. There are many facets to the profession of public relations that are not viewed by the general public. These procedures primarily involve the backbone to public relations, which is communication. Some practitioners use general guideline ways to communicate, and others use unique methods to catch a publics attention.

The primary goal of a PR employee is to come up with something that hasn't been done before in order to catch the awareness of a public. There are endless ways to complete this, but some prefer a more special way to accomplish this feat. After looking at some of the creators in the field of PR, a few stick out among the rest.

There are pioneers in the practice of public relations that have shown exclusive communication. These early professionals are listed on the thermometer to the left. Each person has his own example of distinctive PR. Each one is placed on the thermometer in a specific place for extreme to not so extreme techniques.

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