Ivy Ledbetter Lee

Ivy Ledbetter Lee is deemed the first real PR counselor in the history of Public Relations. He was the first to have the attitude that the public be informed rather than uninformed. He made the first "Declaration of Principles" designed to help other PR practitioners know the actual purpose of PR. Lee helped famous people like John D. Rockefeller Sr. create a good image for themselves. Lee is known as the most influential person in the PR field because he created it in business (Wilcox).

Ledbetter John D. Rockefeller Sr. was one of Lee's most recognized accomplishments. Rockefeller was under a breakdown of his mining force when they decided to strike in the early 1900's. Rockefeller, who was known to be a strict office businessman, didn't know how to handle the situation. He then hired Lee to get involved and solve the problem. Lee went to the mines in western America and actually sat down with the employees to see what the problem was. Lee figured out that Rockefeller should see the employees in person and talk with them also. Lee suggested that he sit down to dinner with the employees and discuss working conditions. Lee made sure to invite the media and press to witness these events. In turn Rockefeller's image of a strict businessman dropped down to a kind caring man, and the miners were back to work in no time (Britannica).

This is just on of the examples of Lee's accomplishments. Lee was a distinguished figurehead in the practice of PR, and he is looked at as the father of PR.