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The Sister Series will thrive on partnerships, and co-sponsorship with existing or developing African American women's groups to connect and enhance all efforts supportive of our mission. Sponsors have been loosely divided into three categories based on a group's level of participation in activities in relation to the Sister Series. Partners are defined as groups who have agreed to be listed as resources in Sister Series database and are willing to take referrals from, and to The Institute of Black Culture.

Sister Series Partners

Partners will be one of the resources the Sister Series will contact when initiating, supporting, or advertising events and programs. Partners must provide Sister Series with a contact person for all activities. Sister Series partners include:

Sister Series Sponsors

Sponsers and Co-sponsers are defined as groups or individuals willing to support specific or on-going activities affiliated with Sister Series. This support can be in the form of financial support, supplies, in-kind services, volunteers, or willingness to have their group's name associated with an event. Sister Series Sponsors/Co-Sponsors include:

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