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The Institute of Black Culture designed Sister Series in the Spring of 2000 in response to the urgent need for African American women to mobilize and form a cohesive, inter-organizational network to ensure support. Affirming our committment to developing programming that will enhance the quality of the African American experience here at the University of Florida (UF), Sister Series will create an avenue for African American women to be uninhibited in expression, unlimited in dialogue and unconditional in support.

Our goal is to create a supporitve community that will continually promote positive dialogue and interaction among African American women. To this end, the Sister Series attempts to amplify the existence and experience of African American women, both past and present. In addition, we not only want the Series to be a calendar of annual programming, but we anticipate spawning it into a weekly discussion group entitled "Sister Speaks." Sister Speaks will foster an informal atmosphere for African American women to gather explore womanhood and sisterhood, while learning to develop an appreciation and awareness of the diversity evident within African American women.

Envisioning a functional African American women's community, we develop our programming around the following principles, or programmatic thrusts.

Sister Series Programmatic Thrusts:

  • Sister Stories-Unleashing creativity through written and performing arts.
  • Sister Safety-Empowering through strategies to increase physical safety and mental health.
  • Sister Success-Developing etiquette for business and corporate relationships.
  • Sister Study-Fostering an atmosphere for academic success and educational enlightenment.
  • Sister Spirit-Elevating the natural self to discover the spiritual self.
  • Sister Speaks-Uninhibited forum for discourse to foster support and awareness.
  • Sister Service-Providing an outlet to contribute to the campus and surrounding community.

Mission Statement

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