What does Organic mean?

Most consumers have only a vague idea of what the term "organic farming" really means. Many have the mistaken idea that organic farming is against all conventional farming practices. They think that organic means farming in the absence of fertilizers and pesticides of all kinds. Some have gone as far as to think that organically grown produce and animals are things that have been grown and altered in a laboratory.

Nobody has explained to consumers that organic farming employs a deliberate and carefully controlled program. The main purpose of organic farming is to improve farm soil, thus gradually reducing the need for off-farm amendments. This is accomplished by combining recycled nutrients with naturally balanced relationships within the growing environment.

The most complete official definition of the term "organic," in my opinion, is the one that was passed by the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) in April 1995 in Orlando, Fla. The definition is as follows:

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