All sports teams are utilizing Internet technology to promote ticket sales. The NHL is an excellent example. The NHL has played to an average of 90% capacity during the 2000-2001 season, and the use of Internet ticket sales has helped generate those numbers (Haber, 2001) For example, the Washington Capitals website prompts about 250 people a day to call for tickets (Sweet, 2001). The Ottawa Senators are now producing 25% of all ticket sales through their website and use of TICKETMASTER.COM, according to Steven Violetta, Executive Vice President of the Senators.

Most NHL teams use their websites for individual game ticket sales. The Dallas Stars already have 94% of tickets sold through season ticketholders. Therefore, remaining tickets are sold on a game by game basis. Brian Byrnes, of the Stars, estimates that of the remaining tickets sold, 25% are a result of Internet sales. However, some teams, such as the New York Islanders, use their websites for all forms of tickets sales and promotions. Kerry Cornils, of the Islanders, relayed that the Islanders' website is used to mass market all ticket sales. That includes season, partial season, group, and individual game tickets. The website is also used to announce promotions such as discounted tickets.

On-line ticket sales

Tickets are generally sold in three manners. First, teams will sell tickets directly through their sites. Obviously, this would seem to be the easiest and most direct route, but many teams do not follow this process. The second on-line sales method is through a third party on-line ticket distributor. Ticketmaster is a well-known ticket provider. Many of the teams, including the Vancouver Canucksdirectly link to Ticketmaster. The Colorado Avalanche sell 90% of remaining individual tickets through Internet sales. Finally, a few teams still lack either direct on-line ticket sales options or links to Ticketmaster. However, in these instances sales contact information is provided.

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