Hasek stops JagrNHL teams construct websites in an effort to further fan interest. They want fans to continue experiencing the thrill of a great save or excitement of a game-winning goal. Teams also are interested in answering some of the questions fans have. Who has scored the most goals this season? Who has the best plus/minus? Who has the most shots on net, and how many shots resulted in a goal? All these questions, and more can often be found in "Team" or "Team Information" sections of an NHL website.

Team sections of an NHL website are notorious for statistics on each player. Typically, a roster is created and links are provided to each player's statistics and personal information, as exemplified through the following links.

Al Macinnis Stats Rob Niedermayer Stats Paul Kariya Stats Sergei Samsonov Stats

Al Macinnis Rob Niedermayer Paul Kariya Sergei Samsonov

Player statistics, bios, and other information are often available within the Team sections of the website. In some instances, the NHL team will also have an outlet to email the players. Not only is the email option an excellent source of community relations, it is also considered one of the most effective ways to boost customer retention and sales (E-mail the Most Effective Way of Keeping Clients, 2000). It is a low-cost measure that businesses like the NHL can implement to promote customer relations. Player emails can be independent links or combined with standard website feedback forms, as seen on the Buffalo Sabres comments form. The Sabres form allows all inquiries to be specified to corporate departments or players, while gaining pertinent fan demographics.

Team information is not meant for media purposes, however. Although there are some interesting facts and relevant statistics on such pages, they are not comparable to a team's media guide. However, team sections do make for interesting and fun reading.

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