A great portion of NHL.COM and teams' websites is on-line sales. There are two components of on-line sales, tickets and merchandise. Of primary importance to Internet sales is consumer perception of security. Each website attempts to turn a visitor into a customer, but to do this the perception and reality of financial security is critical (Mitchell, 2000).

There are multiple ways websites can ensure privacy and security. First, privacy staements can be posted. Second, in registration areas, security details can be itemized and explained as legal, binding contracts. Third, information collection, such as address and phone number, can be explained, and the website can address how such information will or will not be used. This includes selling of information to other businesses. Fourth, opt-out functions, allowing users to withhold information should be offered. This allows customers to be excluded from mailing lists, third party contacts, etc. Finally, websites must show concern for patrons by providing its business contact information and email addresses (Mitchell, 2000). Each of these privacy and security measures should be infused into NHL teams' tickets and merchandise sales.

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