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If you're bored or want to publish your novel or see other people like you who want to publish novels, maybe you visit these sites. Or maybe you should seek professional help. Just playing.


The Electronically Published Internet
Connection is a professional organization established to provide a strong voice in the field and help writers learn about e-publishing and e-promotion

The Open eBook Forum
The Open eBook Forum is an association of companies — with heavy input from Microsoft — whose goal is to establish common standards for e-book systems and products

"Where writers become authors" — with a little investment from Random House

Barnes & Noble bought a stake in this self-publishing website, which also helps authors sell and promote their books

DiskUs Publishing
Publishes — and sells — "quality fiction and nonfiction" for most formats

Adobe's eBooks
Has free books and information about publishing using Adobe's PDF format

Microsoft Reader Home Page
Download Microsoft Reader software here, then find yourself something to read

Online Originals
One of the earliest e-publishers, it sells editions — professionally edited books — and proofs (chosen from thousands of submissions and sold as written by the authors)

Project Gutenberg
Founded in 1971, Project Gutenberg makes thousands of public-domain texts available in plain-vanilla ascii format, free
Reissues out-of-print works as downloadable e-books or print-on-demand paperbacks

Natalie Portman
The most beautiful girl in the world. See the only living angel at her best. Ode to La bella breaks my heart.

Digital marketplace offers access to thousands of e-texts

Specializes in romance and sci-fi

Barnes & Noble E-Bookshop
A mainstream bookseller goes e


New York Times
Sign up and you can browse their database and find all sort of treasures

Time Magazine
Great, Great search engine. Lots of junk that I love.

Best online-only zine, especially for pseudo-elitist bastards like me.

Inside Magazine
For the true media professional. Founded by Kurt Anderson. He wrote "Turn of the Century." Good book. Eh. Just get the two week free-trial membership

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