Dear Mr. King,

Well sir, first off I would like to say I am not one of your biggest fans. I've only read two of your books, but I've seen many of your movies, including The Shining, Misery, and IT. The latter I saw when I was 9. It was a mini-series on ABC and it starred a clown. The clown scared the hell out of me and to this day I get frightened whenever I see a painted face, a red nose, and big shoes. If your ultimate goal is to terrify children you have succeeded. Anyway, I wrote to you today because I wanted to discuss something. I wanted to ask you what compelled one of the world's most popular and best selling authors to release his novella exclusively in digital form via the Web?

Okay, I will admit it; I was one of the many fans who downloaded your other story "The Plant" from I had the notion, I really did, of paying the $1 you requested for each chapter. But I am a poor college student and one dollar can go a long way, especially in purchasing beer. I promise though, when I graduate and get a real job, you will get the money I owe you. Therefore, I am not one of those readers who have failed to pay you. You called those individuals "dishonest people" and threatened to stop continuing the story. Mr. King, isn't that rushing to judgment?

A few months before you released "Riding the Bullet" your 66-page novella. As you know, when someone of your caliber embraces a new technology such as the e-book, it gives legitimacy to the mass audience. When news spread about your venture over 500,000 readers downloaded it. It was news to our ears that you would side step the middleman and deliver the content right to our computer screen.

A little research into the matter showed that you had the full support of your publisher Simon & Schuster. You also gave the big hitters like and first dibs to distribute the book. You had a chance to give Silicon Valley e-publisher a chance at distribution rights, but instead your publisher was threatened by a new-media company and refused a deal.

I'm not saying that you are a puppet for big business, maybe I am just mad that your creation had tormented me through the course of my life, but if we tried printing the book, the function was disabled. Do you think this is the mode of the future? I think books will still be here, but with well known writers such as you, popularizing a radical change, maybe we will all be taking our recently downloaded PDF file to the beach or into the bathroom to read. Now sir, that's a horror story only you could write.

Sincerely your most frightened fan,

Amar Shah

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