What's Available & How Much

Here are four different e-book devices. Thanks to my friends at Time and CNET I was able to gather intelligence and information on the devices. I'm too poor to buy an e-book and review it, so I have to rely on the professionals and their opinions. I want to buy a Palm first. Maybe, after I publish my novel I'll be able to afford one of these cool gadgets.

RCA REB 1200
Size & Weight: 9 in. by 7 in., 2.1 lbs.
Price: $699
Ease of Use: Good: take notes effortlessly in your own writing
Readability: Color is bright and clear, but text could be sharper
Would you take it to the beach?
No way: it's too heavy and too expensive. Billed as a device for best sellers and magazines, but features like bookmarking make it better for textbooks

RCA REB 1100
Size & Weight: 7 in. by 5 in., 1.1 lbs.
Price: $299
Ease of Use: Good: controls feel natural. But needs a home page
Readability: Excellent: even without color, type looks clear
Would you take it to the beach?
Why not? It's the size and weight of a hefty hardback, but it has enough memory to hold the entire New York Times best-seller list

Franklin eBookMan
Size & Weight: 5.2 in. by 3.4 in., 7 oz.
Price: $179
Ease of Use: Excellent: mimics the look and feel of Palm devices
Readability: Weak: digitized text is too small and close together
Would you take it to the beach?
Sure, but why put up with poor text quality on vacation? Calendar, audiobook functions make it better for the morning commute

Size & Weight: 12.6 in. by 9.5 in., 4 lbs.
Price: $400 to $600 (est.)
Ease of Use: Fair: note taking is easy, but navigation is confusing
Readability: Excellent: big color screen looks, feels like a textbook
Would you take it to the beach?
Leave it at home with the rest of your schoolbooks. Plenty of room for detailed research notes; USB port lets you add peripherals

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