The Internet and Sports Communication

How things have changed in the past decade....

In the past decade, the Internet has changed the way people follow sports. It is now possible for any person with access to the Internet to follow their favorite professional team anywhere in the world. This access gives teams an incredible reach. The Internet allows the typical professional sport franchise to make even more of a profit. By being so available to the public through their web sites, teams are able to numerous tasks otherwise left up to face-to-face contact. Like in many other things to today, the Internet has cut out the middleman.

This site is going to show how the Internet is being used in sports communication and what changes have taken place. Such an example maybe the changes in how teams handle their public relations strategies and or ticket and merchandise sales. How has the Internet changed the fan of yesteryear to the fan of today?

So I invite you to continue on through this site to see how the Internet has changed the face of sports and sports communication today!

The sites bellow are some examples of how sports communication has grown. Every sport is covered through these sites!

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