Public Relations with the Aid of the Internet

What does the Internet have to offer in times of crisis or breaking news?

Every team or organization regardless of sport has daily news updates. Whether it concerns the trade of a star athlete or a move in the front office, the word needs to get out to the media and the public. With the Internet and the use of the team website in conjunction with other sites, any changes in the team's roster, personnel, front office, etc., is sent out immediately. It is this real-time capability that helps spread the word quickly and easily. The result is a more accurate daily report dispelling a great deal of the chance for confusion and rumors.

Official Site of the Miami Dolphins

A perfect example of the use of the Internet is that of the Miami Dolphins website. In their site, daily press releases are posted in a timely fashion.> This allows fans and the media a quick and accurate view of the Dolphins everyday pulse. Daily press releases are posted and archives allow the visitor to see what has happened in the days leading up to any particular event.

Public Relations