Team Websites and Their Capabilities

What can the averege fan do today that he or she could not do ten years ago?

If a fan missed the big game yesterday because he or she was out of town or just unable to view or listen to it, they would have to wait for the sports to come on the news or catch the score during an update. This was very frustrating because they may not have taken in all the coverage on the game or even worse. There could have been no coverage of the game or team at all. This may not sound as dramatic as I am making it out to be, but trust me. To the diehard fan it is a matter of life and death.

Thank goodness for the Internet! That was all in the past. Today's technology allows for the fan to follow his or her favorite team anywhere around the world and new options on team websites let the fan have access to almost everything that team has to offer as if they were in the same city. Some of the things that team sites are capable of doing right now:

Merchandice available at the Florida Marlin's Site

Merchandice available at the Florida Marlin's Site

  • Selling merchandise
  • Chat Rooms
  • Game tickets
  • Schedules
  • Statistics
  • Player Profiles
  • and much more......

In addition to the technological capabilities shown by professional teams, their websites also carry with them another function. That is very important and valuable art of Public Relations.

Public Relations