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"Florida has more than 1500 miles of coastline - which means lots of places to hide a corpse."-Jordan

Florida is a melting pot of different cultures on a mission to invade paradise. Many strange crimes are committed every day in the Sunshine State. The crime rate in Florida is the second highest in the nation (Morgan). This makes it a perfect setting for crime fiction. "From the tough-guy classics of John D. MacDonald to the surreal dark rides of Carl Hiaasen, dozens of crime novels have turned Florida's dark underbelly toward the light"(Jordan).

Other Authors I Recommend:

  • Randy Wayne White

  • Edna Buchanan

  • Dave Barry

  • Les Standiford

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I usually go to a local used/new book store to purchase South Florida crime fiction. Bookstores in Florida often dedicate a special section to the genre.

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