welcomeMTV. VH1. CMT. BET. The Box. These channels highlight a form of expression that has become a driving force in our culture. Music.

Music has always been an important part of people's lives - it can bond us emotionally and evoke memories of the good, bad and ugly. People sing to relieve stress, play guitar to snag a girl, bust out a melody on a piano to put feelings into an understandable form.

Nonetheless, with the advent of the radio, music was thrust upon the public in a whole new way. It became more than a hobby, it became a thriving business. Radio reigned until "video killed the radio star" and television pushed the envelope of the music industry. American Bandstand redefined the business, adding the importance of image in addition to broadcasting the sounds of popular tunes worldwide. A star was not born of sound alone, now their look could make or break them, a thought MTV only reaffirmed. Once again, music industry was reinvented with the development of music videos.

Much like our country was shaped by the American Revolution, the music industry has been cultivated by revolution of its own. Now the industry stands on the brink of another phase in its overall development, one that may change the way it is seen and heard forever.

This Web site will delve into an analysis of FarmClub.com, which is heralded as "the future of A&R and anything regarding the music industry."1

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