Find the Truth Yourself

  • Community Context Studies--The Tobacco Project at the University of Florida has amassed a commendable collection of online resources for tobacco-related information.

National and Internationally
Recognized Organizations

The follwing organiztions are committed to improving the overall health of the nation through education, medical assistance and tobacco resistance. These links will take you to the pages within their sites dedicated to tobacco awareness and health-related issues.

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Youth Fighting Tobacco

Quit Smoking Now!One of the newest weapons in the war against tobacco is the creation of youth movements across the nation dedicated to spreading the "truth" about tobacco to their peirs. These are a few of the sites showcasing the hard work and several of the creative tactics youth are using to combat the tobacco industry.

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Your First Step in Quitting

  • If you only have time to visit one site, this is it! Quitnet offers news, information, links and "members only" chat-rooms and bulletin boards. This online community of smokers trying to kick has all the resources a quitter needs, without any of the promotional gimmicks of commercial quitting sites.

Other Worthy Links

There are hundreds of places for smokers to surf on the Web to get tips and advice on how to quit smoking. Here are a few.


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