Preventative Medicine: Fighting Tobacco Through Education

Perhaps the best way to keep people off tobacco is to prevent them from experimenting with tobacco as youths. Since it is so destructive to the individual to begin smoking, why not combat the non-smoking individual's desire to try smoking in the first place? By striving to eradicate the temptation of smoking in teenagers and pre-teens, groups and organizations can lessen the amount of energy they spend trying to break the powerful addictions of adult smokers because, in effect, there (theoretically) would be less adults smoking.

Quit now!Many organizations dedicated to eliminating tobacco use by children (and adults) have blossomed across the nation. While there is no single organization (such as the Center for Disease Control or American Cancer Society) responsible for mobilizing and organizing the efforts of all of the individual organizations across the country, these groups are, in effect, united by their efforts to curb the devastating impact tobacco is having on America's (and the world's) children. The World Wide Web is an excellent platform for these organizations to spread their message, rally support for their campaigns, and enlist new recruits to spread accurate, reliable information about tobacco to people around the globe.

With all of the various organizations dedicated to fighting the spread of tobacco to children, less effort will be needed in the future to break people from their addictions to nicotine and tobacco.

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National and Internationally
Recognized Organizations

The follwing organiztions are committed to improving the overall health of the nation through education, medical assistance and tobacco resistance. These links will take you to the pages within their sites dedicated to tobacco awareness and health-related issues.

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Youth Fighting Tobacco

One of the newest weapons in the war against tobacco is the creation of youth movements across the nation that are dedicated to spreading the "truth" about tobacco to their peirs. These are a few of the sites showcasing the hard work and several of the creative tactics youth are using to combat the tobacco industry.

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