Using the Internet to help control your habit

The Internet and the World Wide Web are incredible tools to help smokers break their habits. Not only do they provide a plethora of resources about how to quit smoking and the latest fads and gadgets to assist them in their endeavors, they also provide a virtual community of support for those trying to break their addictions. The number of anti-tobacco and quitting smoking pages is constantly growing, providing the savvy smoker with a myriad of sites to visit to help them fight their personal battle against tobacco.

Resist the urge!Although quitting smoking is a trying personal ordeal, studies have shown that smokers working within supportive communities have a far greater success rate than smokers trying to "go it alone." While many smokers appreciate the helpful words and encouragement from their families and friends while trying kick their habit, often times it is inconvenient, or would be inconsiderate of them to wake up the members of their "support staff" in the middle of the night for a little late-night motivation. This is the beauty of the Internet and World Wide Web. At any time of day or night, these anti/quit-smoking Web-communities are bound to have people willing to "chat" to the would-be non-smoker, thus providing "lonely" smokers with a helpful and--dare I say?--healthy alternative to lighting up.

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Your First Stop

  • If you only have time to visit one site, this is it! Quitnet offers news, information, links and "members only" chat-rooms and bulletin boards. This online community of smokers trying to kick has all the resources a quitter needs, without any of the promotional gimmicks of commercial quitting sites.

Other Worthy Links

There are hundreds of places for smokers to surf on the Web to get tips and advice on how to quit smoking. Here are a few.

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