Cultural Imperialism


            Now we must attempt to define cultural imperialism. The term itself does not have a long history. Just like culture, there does not seem to be one definition that could grasp every way the term has been used. John Tomlinson, author of the book, Cultural Imperialism: A critical introduction, defines the term as "the use of political and economic power to exalt and spread the values and habits of a foreign culture at the expense of a native culture." Herbert Schiller, one of the best known writers on media imperialism defined cultural imperialism as "the sum of the process by which a society is brought into the modern world system and how its dominating stratum is attracted, pressured, forced, and sometimes bribed into shaping social institutions to correspond to, or even promote, the values and structures of the dominating center of the system."

Whatever definition one has it can be agreed upon that many foreign countries feel that the U.S is intentionally forcing its beliefs, values, styles, and ideologies into the rest of the world.