American Culture


Now come the question of American culture. What is American culture? In a land based upon immigrants from every other place on this earth, what culture does the U.S. have thatís purely American? Many of our traditional "American dishes" originated in other countries except for maybe fried chicken. The hamburger (Germany), pizza (Italian), taco (Mexican), and not to mention Chinese food all come from foreign countries. Many of our clothing and its designs come from other countries like Italy and France. Gucci and Vercace are examples. Many of our electrical brands come from Japan. Many of the automobiles we drive are foreign. If you take a look at many buildings and structures, the design probably came from another country. Some may say our culture is a capitalistic culture based on greed, wealth and excess. As history tells, most countries are not free from that. Has the American "melting pot" breed a generic mixture of all cultures with capitalism as the gravy? That is up for debate. Some disapprove of what the U.S had become, others approve. This question is up to the individual.