Successful public relations has a direct realtionship
with the amount of research completed.

The stronger your research is, the better it is!!

There are three main aspects of research:

  • Client Research:This involves researching the S.W.O.T., and also being familiar with the marketing, legal and financial aspects of the organization.
  • Opportunity or Threat Research:This research is designed in general due to unique opportunities that arise or possible threats.
  • Audience and Publics Research:Looking at the audiences and publics, and identifying the target groups by using demographics, geographics and maintaining the communication with all of these publics.

Objectives are qualifiable and measurable. Here you use the strategy and what you are trying to achieve to set an impact goal.

There are two types of objectives:OUTPUT:what you have to do(controlled and uncontrolled). ,and IMPACT:quantify and measures the difference made(results). This can be informational, attitudinal or behavioral.
Setting objectives is a key element to excellence in PR.

Before setting objectives, the publics being targeted must be well defined. Key publics are usually employees, investors, customers, media, regulators/government and the community/advocacy groups.

It is important to remember to not only look at the organiztion being reviewed, but the overall industry as well.