A Look at Public Relations

Public Relations is having mutually beneficial relationships, inter-relationships and effective two way communication with various publics and audiences. PR deals with managing interpersonal relationships between clients, customers and organizations. Ethical PR does not use "spin doctoring", labelling or puffery. During the Rockafellar and Carniege age, PR was rooted by getting positive press.

There are various types of Public Relations in many different organizations, such as; government relations, media relations, investor relations, community relations, international relations, employee relations and crisis relations.

Public Relations deals with management issues by:

  • Using pro-active and re-active techniques to handle problems and crisises.
  • Counseling management to deal with media relations, crisis development and overall policy decisions.
  • Researching, conducting and evaluating programs and policies.
  • Planning, implementation, and reviewing the company's policies and changes being made to them.
  • Performing extensive Outside-In Research.