The Hampton Classic Horse Show

The Hampton Classic is a famous horse show across the world. With over 1,300 horses and 40,000 spectators, this is the country's premier hunter and jumper show. On 70 beautiful acres in prestigious Bridgehampton, L.I., N.Y., the Hampton Classic brings the top equestrian's together. However, last year Germany hosted a World Cup Qualifying Round the same week. This did not threaten the "local" Americans from coming to compete, however, it did put a threat on the $150,000 Grand Prix that is offered on the final day of the horse show. This Grand Prix attracts International riders and brings out stars such as, Billy Joel, Calvin Klein, and Jerry Seinfeld to watch. The Hampton Classic PR team had to attract the Grand Prix riders to make sure they came, so the attendence would not significantly drop.

  • The goal: To attract the Grand Prix riders to the Classic and not have them go to Germany.
  • The objective: Not threaten the attendence and spectators from coming this year.
  • The strategy: Get riders, trainers and spectators wanting to come to the Classic.
  • The tactic: Use the cost of traveling overseas, the prestige of the Classic, offer more prizes and money, and identify "riders to watch for" in the program- enticing them to come.
  • Strength:The reputation of the Classic as the premier horse show in the country.
  • Weakness:The World Cup Qualifier offers riders a chance to qualify for the World Cup Finals- they only have one chance left after this one.
  • Opportunity:To attract new riders from overseas from this campaign.
  • Threats:The riders decide to head over to Germany and the spectators are left "empty handed."

The campaign that was implemented tried to reach the riders on an "American" level. Using slogans such as, "Proud to be an American" and "Born in the U.S.A." brought the riders attention and focus back on the Classic. Promoting the spectators and the motto of "not wanting to let them down" drew a record number of riders and trainers from around the country.

This program reached its goal and surpassed it.

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