Terpin Site Evaluation

    When first entering The Terpin Group's web site you see an impressive Flash Media display. After that you are taken into their actual site, which is not exactly what you'd expect after seeing the Flash. The site is nice, with a tool bar on the left and text in the middle frame. The text is an overview of the company, but while that's important it shouldn't be displayed so immediately. I think they could improve this site greatly, just by making a nicer main page to get to after the flash presentation. Also, the site mostly has an all white background which doesn't help the 'coolness' factor.

    On the left frame, they had a "sliding tree menu," so under every topic there was subheadings. The problem - clicking on these subheadings didn't work and I couldn't figure out how to get to most of them. I consider this a major problem, mostly because they are targeting technological companies, so their site should be more impressive and work correctly.

    Some good features however was a search engine on the top frame that took you mostly to all of their works. I think search engines are very helpful especially when they are so visible. They also had a very conveniently located "contact" page which makes it helpful to contact them quickly. Another good feature was that at the bottom of every page, they had the same general links as the toolbar on the left. This is a very important feature and sometimes is even easier to use.

    They also had examples of their press releases which was helpful as well as a listing of all their clients. While looking at a past client list, I read they were the first PR firm for AOL and Earthlink - very impressive! This basically gets back to my main point though - for such an impressive firm, their web site should really be sronger. While it might only be a tool to find out about the company and not necessarily a selling feature, it should be stronger to better represent the company.