Terpin Group

  1. Most frequently, how do companies or individuals find our about your firm?

        Word of mouth--referrals from other clients.

  2. How effective do you think your web page is?

        Its won some awards and has gotten lots of compliments. Its also very streamlined and things are easy to find. It has case studies about what we've done for clients, as well as hits we've achieved. I think it is very good for potential clients to read to get a good understanding of what we do.

  3. Do you receive a lot of business from the page?

        We refer interested people to our Web page--it answers a lot of initial questions for them in the first stages of getting a new account.

  4. How are people able to find your site on the web? Do you advertise?

        Again, mostly word of mouth, key word searches for Public Relations.

  5. What is your target public?

        Technology companies

  6. How do you think you could better publicize about your company?

        Pamphlets, direct marketing--I've always heard, It is the cobbler's kids who have no shoes' meaning that we publicize our clients first so sometimes, we don't get to our own marketing :)

  7. What are your companies strong qualities related to public relations and how do you market yourselves?

        We specialize in high-tech PR--we don't do a lot of different stuff and have a PR division. We come from Journalism backgrounds so we know what media want. We're persistent, but not pushy. We also try to stay small to be able to give better customer service.

    Rita Tennyson