McKie | Headstrom Site Evaluation

    The home page of the McKie | Headstrom is has a white background and is mostly plain, yet neat. I did have problems however, when many times the graphics/icons that connected to links did not appear. Also, there are words that look they should be links, but did not connect to anything. Also, you could not connect to the main page links from individual sub-links. This caused me to do a lot of backtracking so I could continue to look around.

    I did like however that on each page their text was short and was more informational than telling me everything. The graphics however, although located well, seemed just like random graphics that could have been on a number of types of pages. I think a more defined graphic for the company would help make it look more impressive.

    Lastly, the web site says it offers customized PR solutions and Internet communications. Any company that offers anything related to the Internet, should have a very impressive web site in my opinion.