McKie | Headstrom

  1. Most frequently, how do companies or individuals find our about your firm?

       Usually, referrals come by word of mouth, industry contacts, existing clients, and occasionally, by the Web.

  2. How effective do you think your web page is?

       It could be better; there's always room for improvement. Overall, it does a good job in providing information about our agency, as well as a couple of PR case studies and links to other PR specific sites.

  3. Do you receive a lot of business from the page?

        I would have to say that our website is a good first step in the process of getting business. However, I would say a client picks our agency based on our abilities, not how good looking or "sexy" our website is.

  4. How are people able to find your site on the web? Do you advertise?

        How did you find us? Some find us through traditional search engines, others find us through PR referral sites, such as O'Dwyers. Still others find out about our website through other clients, PRNewswire or other online sites, such as, that awarded us as a "Top 100" agency in 2000.

  5. What is your target public?

       Our target public would be small to midsize technology companies.

  6. How do you think you could better publicize about your company?

        We do a fairly good job at publicizing our agency. In this week's edition of PR Interactive (a PR industry newsletter) we are highlighted for a recent launch we did for a client. As well, I have been quoted in the NY Times, SJ Mercury News, Marketing Computers, and other industry trade magazines. Certainly, there is room for improvement, but we must operate within our internal PR resource limits.

  7. What are your companies strong qualities related to public relations and how you market yourselves?

        PR is a very personal business. Our strength comes from our personal connections, and how we integrate with our clients. We market ourselves as the alternative to the large PR agency without the large price tag.

Chris McKie
McKie | Headstrom PR