ITPR Site Evaluation

    ITPR, a Canadian firm that's target audience is the tecnology market, has the 'coolest' of the six sites I am evaluating. Unlike the other six, it uses Flash Media, which makes it seems more advanced, and does make it look better, especially for the market it is after. If you are going to represent technology companies, your PR firm should be technologically advanced.

    One of the hightlights of the page is the contact information right on the front page. Often times, people go to a web site only to get a phone number and having to search for that is aggravating and a waste of time.

    Their web site uses colors well, mixing soft greens with grey and black letting on a white background. Also, the different shapes and designs on the page are unique and add personality to the page and ITPR. While there is no specific multimedia that I found, their site encompasses enough because of all the movement due to Flash Media.

    One of my main complaints actually relates to the Flash Media which does make the web page nice, organized and professional. It is slow! And everytime you want to go 'back' you have to deal with all the flash steps every single time. It became annoying after a while, although I did like the way the information was presented to me once I got to the pages.

    I also noticed their very personal, professional writing style and clean grammar. They also abided well by the 3-click rule that did help some of my aggravations with the Flash Media. I also liked their career opportunities page, showing that although they were looking for new business they always were looking to help their own.

    Overall, their web site was very impressive and its technologically advanced nature definately can help reach its target public.