1. Most frequently, how do companies or individuals find our about your firm?

        We receive an RFP, or a new client comes via referral.

  2. How effective do you think your web page is?

        Based on an informal poll of other students (through our co-op students) and some clients, it appears to answer the questions that are most often asked by organizations seeking PR for the technology market. The page is an entry-point for anyone looking for more information about ITPR. They read what is there, hit the "contact" link or give us a call and we proceed from there.

  3. Do you receive a lot of business from the page?

       That is hard to gauge, but it certainly is a help. I see the monthly traffic reports, and prospective (and now current) clients have spent a fair amount of time there.

  4. How are people able to find your site on the web? Do you advertise?

        Minimal advertising, but if you are searching the Web for PR and you are in the IT industry, we tend to turn up.

  5. What is your target public?

        We serve clients in nearly every area of technology.

  6. How do you think you could better publicize about your company?

        How can we better publicize? Accurately target *our* key publics. We don't spend much money on advertising, per se, but we get a lot of publicity through referrals. Success breeds success.

  7. What are your companies strong qualities related to public relations and how you market yourselves?

       Your question is a little unclear, but: We know the technology market, and we know our clients inside-out. We market ourselves as one of the top B2B tech PR firms in the world, and this strikes a chord with prospective clients.

    Geoffrey B. Morgan
    Account Executive