Four Corners Site Evaluation

    When you get to the home page of Four Corners, you are immediately drawn in. It has fun, lively colors and is catchy. When I went to this site for the first time, I immediately thought, I wonder what else they have?

    After entering the site, the colors are still bright, yet do not take over what they are trying to accomplish; selling their firm. The site is neat, and although it could be "fancier" really gets its point accross well. The grammar and spelling are also really clean.

    While their writing is clear, you can also tell it has a personal feel. It's as almost as the site is talking to you. They also have an overview of their "head guy," Drew Kerr. By doing this, and informing the potential client of interests it makes you feel comfortable with the Four Corners firm.

    One aspect I did see that could use improvement however, is the links to other sites. The links are at the bottom of each page, which is fine except when the page is long. While I'm glad they went in depth about their company in "Overview" and the specifically listed their accomplishments, those pages were very long. They should have the links at the top of every page as well, to make it easier to navigate quicker.

    Lastly, they have a game called "Media Dunk Tank," which is a good use of multimedia as well as involving the reader in the web site. Overall, the web site is not too overdone and while some parts could be improved it is perfect for what it's trying to accomplish.