Four Corners

  1. Most frequently, how do companies or individuals find our about your firm?

        Word of mouth, clients moving around, researching on the Internet.

  2. How effective do you think your web page is?

        Judging from the response we get from potential job candidates and clients, very effective.

  3. Do you receive a lot of business from the page?

        No, I would not define the business we get as "a lot." I would define it as "a small amount" from people who call us "cold" after running across us on the web.

  4. How are people able to find your site on the web? Do you advertise?

        We do not advertise at all. They find us through or just plain researching PR firms on the web.

  5. What is your target public?

        Do you mean for the web site? We see our site serving two functions: to help appeal to potential job candidates who want to know more about us and for potential clients who want to know what we do.

  6. How do you think you could better publicize about your company?

       I guess we can show up on more panels visibly. However, clients do not want their PR firms getting as much ink as them, so you have to be VERY careful when you are blowing your own horn.

  7. What are your companies strong qualities related to public relations and how you market yourselves?

        We always emphasize our creativity, "in the trenches" work style, and results.

    Drew Kerr
    Four Corners