Demaree Site Evaluation

At the home page of the Demaree PR web site, you see a large graphic with the headline "Demaree Public Relations -Strategic Planning for high tech companies." On the graphic there are three people, one reading a paper, one holding a briefcase and the other looking at a folder. There is also a plane in the background. It just seems that they are waiting at an airport and while I can understand the idea behind using this picture, I dont think it best accomplishes what the company is trying to show.

    However, on the home page as well as the entire site, I do like the colors of dark blue, light blue and white. It makes the site appear crisp and professional. Their site has a nice floating frame and appears very organized. Their page has the essentials: "About Us, Why Demaree?, and Contact Us" among other helpful links.

    Their page also offers testimonials of satisfied clients which makes the page more believable and at the same time more personal to the reader; real-life experience means so much.

    The page also utalizes basic web site knowledge very well by abiding by the 3-click rule, and has a bottom task bar incase their side frame doesn't work. And although they dont have multimedia on their page, it does not seem necessary.

    Their page, encompasses some of those most important aspects of a page to make it readable. Plus, their contact page is very helpful. Overall, this is one of the clearer sites and makes it very easy for the navigator to find what they are looking for.