1. Most frequently, how do companies or individuals find our about your firm?

       Almost all of our clients are actually referrals from our existing clients.

  2. How effective do you think your web page is?

        Our Web site generates steady interest, but we are in the process of revamping it now and expect to have a new look to our site within the next few months.

  3. Do you receive a lot of business from the page?

       -Not answered-

  4. How are people able to find your site on the web? Do you advertise?

    We do very limited advertising. Anyone researching press releases from our clients will find us.

  5. What is your target public?

        We specialize in media relations for high tech and software companies, strictly within a B-to-B environment.

  6. How do you think you could better publicize about your company?

        Direct mail and advertising in publications that strictly reach our target niche.

  7. What are your companies strong qualities related to public relations and how you market yourselves?

        We are a small company. We value every one of our clients, and we take their publicity very seriously. We really like what we do and we treat our clients' publicity personally, as though it were for our very own company. Many of us are older and have owned businesses, or worked at a very senior level for other companies, so we understand what that means, and we pride ourselves on providing that level of service for our clients. The bottom line is that, even though we are a small company, we get strong results for our clients.

    Grace Cohen
    New England Division Manager
    Demaree Public Relations