Advanced PR Site Evaluation

   Advanced PR is a little unlike the other sites. It's primary function is actually to sell press kits in order to help distribute companies information throughout the country to different newspapers, magazines, web sites and more. With that in mind, their page is probably after a different structure than a PR firm who is selling themselves, although Advanced is selling themselves also, just for a different purpose.

    When you first get to their site, the main item that stands out at you is their logo because on the corner of the "A" in Advanced is a spinning ball. Normally, I would not have a major problem, but while you are trying to read the rest of the site its annoying to deal with. Also, the spinning ball doesn't really work well with the rest of the site because the rest utalizes very basic web design skills. The home page has paragraphs of text, too long to read, and on the left is a directory bar for all their links. These links however are unclear and I really did not understand where many of them would take me.

    If they are trying to sell a product, I think the page needs to appear more believable; better design, client's testimonials, and more to make it seem like its worth spending the money. They do have a distribution list of where they send their releases to, but, this list could definately be showcased better than just straight down one page. It could organized by the media outlet or by what state these distributers are in.

    Overall, the idea of the site and goal seem believable but I think if they had a mroe impressive web page their sales could strongly increase.