Resources for Non-Profit Organzations

Online Technology Support

There are several non-profit organizations online that are dedicated to providing technology assistance and technical support. There is a wealth of FREE online information about capacity building and technology training--you just have to find it! Here's a few to start:

ZDNet--this site has way more than you could ever want to know about technology and it rates how difficult the articles are to understand for users that aren't technology savvy.

NPower--this site's mission is "helping other non-profits use technology to better serve their communities.

Application Service Providers

Application service providers (ASPs) develop and host software on the Internet. ASPs can build databases and they can be especially helpful with website design and the tools needed to run one.

Dream Team Tech--this company provides website tools for online organization. They have an impressive list of non-profit clients.

Bilocker--this company provides completely web-based relational databases for free. The database can be used to create surveys, forms and reports.

Aggregate Content Sites

Sites that aggregate content are excellent sources of information to non-profit organizations. They allow NPOs to keep up with current trends that pertain to their missions."this site is an easy-to-use, one-stop online resource designed to help people find volunteer and giving opportunities in their own communities and beyond."

TechSoup--this site offers one-stop shopping for all technology needs and is catered to NPOs.

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